5 Digital Marketing Trends 2021


Nowadays one can say social media and the current youth o generation is the best combination, Isn’t it am I right? All the social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and many more are made to grabbing the user’s attention and they are even very successful. The updates in social media are blowing the head and are also very helpful for the business and make the work more effective and efficient. You can conveniently do any work from anywhere.

So, there are 5 marketing trends that are having great chances to come in 2018,


  1. Video in demand

Video advertisement is the most trending thing in the current scenario. You go to any social media platform there you will only find different companies promoting their products. A platform like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and many more social media where marketing is done and the work is appreciated by everyone.  These are going to be through the roof in 2018. Every day some or other videos come in social media which makes the market more flexible and realistic by its emotional touch. Around billions of viewers see YouTube and other platform videos each day. And the study says that in the upcoming phase of time 65 % of marketers have decided to increase the budget for the video advertisement.

  1. Social media influencers are gaining more Influence

At this point in time, social media platforms are gaining more influence in the marketing field. Customers think that the ads that are promoted most of the time are supposed to be the best products and services. The advertisements where there is an emotional touch are most viewed and people generally tend to use those products more.   That’s why marketers should hit the competition if they really want to be the top brand influencers in 2018. And if you are really forward in avoiding the competition then start looking for a long-term relationship with the target market on social media to build brand loyalty.

  1. The EU’s crackdown on data collection

Since 2018 European Union is thinking about companies to collect the information of consumer data. The European Union has decided that from May 25 2018 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is going to start working on it. GDPR help EU citizen for the collection of their personal data. The data could be anything I.e location, name, email, address. After this, the company needs to tell how they will use it.  GDPR is applicable for all EU companies dealing with the public and in the US the GDPR is already prepared. The basic purpose behind this is to maintain the harmonize and protect the data. They have to provide all the data that they share, process or store. This will be really helpful in building trust amongst the people.

  1. Chatbots taking over the world

Chatbots is used to communicate with customers. It basically uses a messenger app to communicate with the customers. It provides customer services, presentation of products, products recommendations, etc. Chatbots are the one which is mostly preferred by the customer as it is faster and less invasive. And the most important factor is that nowadays companies will soon be giving them first priority over the customer care people. And many of the brands are working on it for customer supports and for implementing perfect marketing strategy.  Chatbots help to interact with the customers. Approximately 71% of the people are expecting to try to interact with Chatbot from a major brand.

5 . The new art is storytelling

I hope that you all have some memories of stories telling of your childhood. Wasn’t it was the fun segment. And you know what that was not only fun but was also enriching and that made us all believe those stories and also carried us away with that. Now a day’s social media platforms are following the same trend like Instagram stories, Facebook stories, WhatsApp stories, Snapchat stories, and now guess what YouTube has also started the same. This is the new and probably the best way to show the best moments to everyone. These are different keys of marketing strategies. The update is done according to their customer’s desires and requirements. As the demands of the customers are changing these things act like the key sources to keep an eye on all these ongoing changes which every citizen in this world is witnessing in their everyday life. So when something is directly related to their customers, it becomes easy to deliver it to them. So as the Year passes more Livestream will be done for the promotion of the products so as to develop a personal bond with the customer.