How To Build Google Ads Account


In this competitive world, every advertiser wants to be on the first page of the Search Engine Result Page. And no doubt they avail themselves that position but they fail to maintain that position. So today we will be disusing how you can maintain that position by spending a little amount of money.

Google provides you the opportunity to promote the product on both search and display platforms on Google and Google partnered Websites through Google Ads (AdWords). You can not only promote the search and display ads but you can also promote the YouTube Videos and shopping ads too. And I guarantee you that no other website can give you the faster result as Google Ads. I can say this because it totally depends upon the quality of the ads and the landing page that you create and the amount of money that you are ready to spend and within 10 minutes of creating the campaign your account can be on the first page of the SERP.

So first, we will be starting with the basics

How to Create the Account

  • Firstly, you need to log in to your Gmail Account
  • After that, you need to specify the “Advertising Goal”.

      There will be 3 options

  • Get more calls
  • Get more visits to your Physical Location
  • Get more Website sales or sign-ups.


  • Then you need to “Define Your Product or Services” and fill in all the necessary details.
  • And then comes the most important step which is “Create the Ad”. This is one of the most significant steps and this step can only attract visitors to come to your website. As if your Headline and description are not able to solve the people’s issues or query then there are chances that they might not click your ads. So, it is most important to focus on them and make them as attractive as you can.
  • Then set the Budget per day. If you are a new user, then I recommend you, start with the very less amount as you are not sure that how the account is going to perform. And you should also keep the budget based on what your per day capability is to spend on the account to showcase the ads
  • Then the next page will show you the Review option. Here you can finally have a look that what all options you have selected. If you are ok with everything then click on next. And suppose if you want to make some changes then you can click on the edit option and make the changes and click on save.
  • Then you will reach the “Payment “page and there you need to give the Billing Country name and Time Zone card details. Giving card details is very important to move to the next step. And then click to I Agree and save and continue.