How To Create Backlinks | Types Of Backlink

A backlink is an Off-Page Strategy to get organic website visitors.  In Backlinks, we connect other websites to build networks with each other and also make internal links like our “Blogging” Page.  So, the question is How To  Create Backlinks and Types of backlinks. Here we try to  provide you information about how to create backlinks:


Get links by comment is old school but if you are a beginner this strategy will help you a lot. To get comment backlinks you have to submit your comment and waiting for your approval.


Spy Competitors:

Do an analysis of your competitors and find the best visitors pages and best content based on daily search. You can do competitor analysis on Ubersuggest Please Watch the video for more information as practically:



Make Infographic:

The Infographic is a visual creative to provide information about anything. Make an infographic and post it on various websites like Quora and other social media platforms.


Social Media:

Use social media to post your services with website links.  Social Media has more Alexa Ranking to boost your website off-page platform.


And Here is the some list for best practice to make backlinks like:


Links By Query Summation( Quora,)

Niche Directory

Social Media Book Marking ( Mix )

Paid Links