What is Website?

Website is a collection of webpage, content, URL and server. Websites helps you to show your portfolio/work to many people by one place. Website also call as a webpage. Now days business without website can not survive much. If you talk about 2020 and 2021 situation during corona, the website is only the way to sell your services and product to needed customer.

What we need to make a website :

Website Layout:

Website layout is a framework and pattern of your website. Website lay out will help to your customer to understand your services easily and they can relate to your services/product,


Domain is a Address of your website. Domain could be based on your business name, product name, services name and other unique factor. Domain name should be readable and easy to type.

Web Server:

Webserver help you to host your website on SERP like Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search platform. Web server store data of your website such as image, content, video, domain, HHTP and HTTPS, Link etc. Website Speed also depend on the good server.


Content is a valuable part of a website and any type of profile. Content is a information about your service/product. As you provide information about yourself on Facebook Profile, LinkedIn, Instagram or other social media platform. 

Lead Generation Forum:

Lead Generation Forum is help you to bring informative data of your customer. Help you to generate sales with this strategy. Lead Generation forum contain Informative Questions like Name, Mail Address, Phone Number and other details to pitch the Clint for your service/product.

Email Address:

Email address is a medium of a seller and purchaser. Email Address work as a mediator between Sender and receiver. Corporate use it to communicate each other. With the help of email Marketing Business get good sales by Newsletter, Re-marketing Mails and with the help of other email marketing funnels.

Website Backup:

Website backup helps to store your data like website information and Clint data. Website backup help you in future with offsite Backup, Automated Backup, Redundant Backup etc, 


Creatives contain Images and it should be Eye catching. Image helpful to describe your business. Product Image help customer to identify the product color and  Size. Creative is also contain Logo, It will help you to build brad awareness of the website.