Offline advertising vs Online advertising 


Advertising is a form of communication that helps a businessman to convey the knowledge and information to the customer. It the very important factor if a businessman wants to promote the products or services. Advertisement also helps in building up a brand awareness and is very helpful in building the customer relations. There are different ways through which we can advertise Offline and Online. Now we will be discussing about what is offline marketing and what is online marketing.


Online Marketing

Online marketing uses a form of advertising that composes of digital and internet channel. The channel includes social media platforms, email marketing, display ads, search ads and websites. In online marketing there is a usage of technology for delivery of the information to the customer. It also helps to stay connected with the customer and build up the strong bond. You can easily target your customer based on their requirements and their difference in the nature and age.



 Offline Marketing

In offline Marketing, the advertising is done through traditional advertising. For advertising through offline media there are certain platform’s used like TV, radio, print, billboard, brochures and direct meeting and seminars. Earlier it was believed that by doing offline marketing one can build a personal connection with the customer. But now it is considered to be more time consuming and costly.


Online Advertising Offline Advertising
Different ways of advertising Limited ways of advertising
Attracts user less time Takes more time to attract user.
Cannot be physically present for the user Can be physically present for the user
Reach is very high Have limited reach
Fast process improve the performance of the advertising Performance is slow that’s why it takes time for performing a better advertisement


Can target is the advertisement is effective You cannot target only see the results
There is no issue of time to reach your customer Time is the big issue as it takes on daily monthly or weekly basis
Changes are easily possible and one can easily customise the ads It is very difficult to make changes and customisation is not possible
Weather in a very limited course you can get your results very fast Very expensive and time taking
Can easily target audience at any point of time Advertisements will be shown to all the users and one cannot segregate the users.