The domain is the address of your website like your home address. Domain work on IP ( Internet Protocol ) and a Web server.

How To Choose Domain Name for your Business Website:

Direct Approach and Indirect Approach:

Direct approach mean you use domain which is directly talk about your company niche Example ( Digitalmarektngservice, Digitalhelp, Digimaker etc). You can select any name for domain in Indirect Approach.

Based on Keywords:

During selection of your domain name check different keywords density to select domain name. This strategy help you to reduce your SEO work and rank easily on SERP.


Short Name:

Short name for domain is good really easily to remember by Clint. Short name domain will help you to builds your brand. Short name is ease to type and really ease to search on SERP like , , and more.


Avoid Double Letters:

When ever you want to choose your domain think before twice because it will be your future identity and your brand. So, avoid Double letters and numbers.

Be Unique:

Choose domain name is not tuff but choose a unique name for your company is tuff. Whenever you choose a domain please try to be unique name and Grammarly correct name. 


Take it Based on Country:

Choose Url name based on your country or territory. Some example :

India: In

us: .com

Australia:  .au

hungru: .hu

england: .uk

visit wiki For more country level domain code.