The plugin is an extra source of word press function. A plugin is a software and coding masterpiece. The plugin helps the website to add extra functions in the website and make it easy. The plugin can use to change color, image, third-party website extension, etc. 

In WordPress, the website plugin is more necessary and helpful for more functions like SEARCH Plugin, Code plugin, Contact Details Plugin, Web monetization plugins. Here some list of plugin which is helpful for WordPress website: 
SEO Yoast ( Helpful to do SEO Optimization), Insert Header and Footer (Analytics code, Adsense Code, Schema org or other code you can paste ), Click To Chat( Use it for Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Messenger, etc.

HOW TO Install Plugin

Step 1 :
Go to Dashboard and go to the plugin option.
Step 2 :
Here you got few options like Installation. Then search your plugin and Install it. Use Add new plugin if you have plugin as a zip format.
Step 3 :
After installing your plugin click on activate of your plugin and redirect to the installed plugin.
Use all these steps and enjoy your Plugin for better development.