Who Is Google Ad-word Expert?

Google Ads help us to promote our websites based on Search ads, Display Ads, YouTube Ads, and other paid services. The Google Ad-word or a Google Ads Expert Should have knowledge of Google ads Policies, Google ads Terms &Condition, Should have knowledge of marketing and marketing rate, and a good percentage of Return of Investment.

We, Knowledge Hunger, Trying to cover few points in this blog regarding the quality of Google Ads Experts.

Can Make Campaign:

Google ads experts should have knowledge of how to make an account. How to set up manager and customer Account in google ads. The expert should have knowledge about splitting the ads between Campaigns and Ad Groups. And use other options in the google ads account based on the requirement like Insights, Campaign, Ad Group, Ads & Extensions, Landing Page, Keywords, Audience, Placements, and other Important Options.

Allocating The Budgeting:

Allocate a budget is big deal in paid campaigns. The expert should have knowledge of budget based on campaign and Ad. Groups. Budget Can be based on service and product keyword price based on the duration of the campaign. 

Smart In Biding:

Bidding is based on Daily spend for upcoming days. Should divide monthly budget by 30.5 for daily budget Ex. If your monthly budget is 10000INR so, your daily budget will be 10000/30.5=327.86 INR.

Knowledgeable Of Keywords:

The keyword is a very important part of running a google ad for business. Based on Match type we need to Find out the keywords. We have 4 types of match types:

Broad Match: No Symbol l-Gaming PC – Keywords for large variants – PC For Gaming

Modified Broad Match: + (Symbol) – Gaming+PC – Close Variants – Game PCs

Phrase Match: “…..” (Symbol) – “PC Games” – Close Variants – PC For Gaming

Exact Match: […..] (Symbol) – [PC Games] – Exact Variants – PC Games


Understand Negative Keywords:

Negative keywords are nothing but harmful to the campaign. Negative keywords based on keyword phrase match. Example: If you running a Digital marketing agency and you use “ Digital marketing Services In India” But because of close variants you got a click for “Digital Marketing Training in India” google show your ads because “Digital Marketing” and “In India” is close relevant. 

Target Audience:

Target Audience is key to a paid campaign. You should make sure your ads deliver to the right person at right time. Target an audience totally based on Data Science and Human Behavior.

Can Maintain Accounts:

Maintain a Google AdWords Account is a big challenge for an expert. And also use all the facilities for better results.  

Good In Data Reporting:

Can Do Reporting based on Campaign performance? To Get data for a particular account AdWords experts should have knowledge of Microsoft tools like PowerPoint, Excel, and data studio. Based on date range who can make Daily Report, Weekly Report, Monthly Report, Hygiene Check Reports, and other Reporting work, which is helping to run paid ads on a good budget and target location.


Running a Google Adwords campaign is not a one-day and one-time job. Experts should have always checked the data and maintain google Ads Account.