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We, Knowledge Hunger, offer you the best Digital Marketing certificate and Training for your better future. As we know that India comes on top in the list of Most Number of Internet users County. There are millions of active online users who use the internet for different purposes like electronic mail, study, online news, social media sites like Facebook, and Twitter, the search engine like Google & Yahoo. People love to search for information on the internet. Digital Marketing is everywhere and very important nowadays. This course is built for professionals, freshers, students, experienced, housewives, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and learners. Digital marketing can open new opportunities in your career.  Becoming a Certified Digital Marketing Professional will benefit you regardless of your skills or experience and will empower you to maximize the impact of your marketing through powerful digital tools.

What You Will Learn In Our Digital Marketing Course :

Learn all digital marketing platform

Learn all digital marketing strategy

Setup your own website

Learn how to get Organic result

Learn data science and data recognition

Learn how to create paid advertising Through google ads, Social Media, E-mail Marketing

You will learn how to use dozens of proven digital marketing strategies

You will learn social media marketing using all of the most popular social media platforms to grow your business

Learn how to get business through digital marketing

Learn how to use Quora , Facebook , Instagram , LinkedIn

You will see tangible results by taking action throughout the entire course

Set up Your Website, Design It & Post Content on Your Blog

Use Google Analytics to Understand Your Audience

Drive Traffic to Your New Website

Create Ads Using Google Ads and Facebook

Learn how to get freelance projects

Learn how to crack a job interview

Learn how to earn money online

Learn how to pitch your customer

Learn how to talk with the customer

200+Hours Online Digital Marketing Training 

10+ Certificate For Digital Marketing 

Interview Assistance

Live Project Opportunity

Freelance and Startup 

What We Will Tech You : 

Digital Marketing Introduction

Overview , History , Why Digital Marketing Important Etc.

Content Development 

 Content Creation , Writing , Formats , Content for Web Etc.

Website Development 

Web Layout , Design and Development , Blogging ,Build Statics and Dynamic Web Development Etc.

Digital Marketing Strategy

SWOT Analysis , how to make strategy , Identifying Platform and Recourse Etc.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

On-Page , Off-Page ,Advance , Voice Search , Technical , Backlinks , Guest Posting Etc.

Google Ads (PPC)

Search Ads , Display Ads , Video Ads , Marketing , Shopping Ads Etc.


Setting-up Tags , create a remarketing campaign for Search, Display and Video Ads Etc.

Mobile App Advertising 

Advertising , APP Downloading’s , App AdSense Etc.

App Search Optimization (ASO)

Improve user retention, engagement, reviews and minimize uninstalls , rank highly in Apple App Store and Google Play

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Paid and Organic , How to Run Business Page , Post , How to get Engagment , Lead Genration Etc.


Tracking , Targeting , Funnel and Event Management , Mapping , Google Data Studio Etc.

E-Mail Marketing 

create A/B Split Test Campaigns , Build Signup Forms , analyzing Email Marketing Data , Create Email Content Etc.


How to Write , Blogging Website Management , Blog Writing ,Etc.

Google AdSense

How to approve , Content Writing , Images , Metrix , Google AdSense Management Etc.

In-out bound Marketing 

Pitching , Cold Calling , Lead Generation , Data Management Etc.

Affiliate Marketing

How To Approve , How to Build Network , Advertiser, Publisher and Affiliate Networks , Pre-requisites for Affiliate marketing , Strategy Etc.

Freelance and Startup Help

How to Start , Setup , Clint Pitching , How To Get Idea Etc.

Interview Assistance 

Training , Resume Ediating , Dress Code Etc.


22 August

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22 August

Batch : Weekday

Days : Monday — Friday

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03:00PM — 06:00PM

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27 August

Batch : weekend

Days : Saturday — Sunday

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09:00AM — 01:00PM

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27 August

Batch : weekend

Days : Saturday — Sunday

Batch Time :

02:00PM — 06:00PM

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